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Gdański Business Center is an excellent place to try a tasty meal at one of the local restaurants or canteens and also to enjoy a cup of delicious coffee, visit a beauty salon, or hit the gym. The carefully designed, lush surroundings of the buildings help employees relax during and after office hours. There is also a medical center. Working parents appreciate the great convenience of a preschool with its own playground.

restauracje i kantyny

Restaurants and canteens





wydarzenia i atrakcje

Events and attractions

salon kosmetyczny

Beauty salon

ponad 1400 miejsc parkingowych

More than 1,400 parking spots

klub fitness

Fitness club

416 stojaków rowerowych

416 bicycle racks

zielone strefy

Green surroundings

szatnie i prysznice dla rowerzystów

Changing rooms and showers for cyclists

centrum medyczne

Medical center

Employees of GBC and Warsaw residents can both experience plenty of additional events and attractions.

There are 1,379 underground parking spots and 76 on-grade spots, and biking infrastructure with 416 bike racks changing rooms and showers.


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