The Neighbourhood

Leaving home for the office, then off to a meeting? Here, it’s simple.

Warsaw Central Station or the green district of Żoliborz?

How about visiting the charming banks of the Vistula River or one of the biggest shopping malls in Poland?

Gdanski Business Center can be accessed by virtually every means of transport, with everything within easy reach. It’s right next to a metro station that offers a few minutes’ ride to the core city centre. Situated less than a hundred yards away is a railway station as well as bus and tram stops offering about a dozen services connecting all major Warsaw districts.

Bicycle enthusiasts will enjoy access to stands for their zero-emissions vehicles and comfortable locker rooms including showers, as well as a Veturilo public bike station. Motorists will have access to a spacious underground car park as well as parking spaces for motorcycles and scooters.


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