GBC Health Days

Autumn is the perfect time to pay special attention to your own health. Shorter days and cooler temperatures prompt us to consider how to take care of ourselves. On this occasion, we organized a Health Day on October 18-19.

During this two-day event, participants had the opportunity to:

  • Consult with a dermatologist, including a comprehensive examination of all moles and verification of results.
  • Expand their knowledge about dermatological prevention through prepared educational materials.
  • Measure body fat tissue and consult the results with a dietitian.
  • Take advantage of DKMS registration packages and join the group of potential bone marrow donors.
  • Receive attractive discounts on additional diagnostic tests at the “Twoje Znamiona” Medical Center.

Additionally, in the office of the MDT Medical Center, participants had the opportunity to:

  • Check their blood sugar levels.
  • Take a test for the presence of viruses responsible for Hepatitis B.

We thank everyone for their attendance and hope that the information gathered and tests conducted will bring real benefits to everyday life.