17 November 2021

In fall 2022, with the help of Fundacja Las Na Zawsze, a GBC forest of more than 5 300 m2 will be planted. This size is not accidental, it is due to the activity of almost 300 people working in the GBC complex took part in the month-long Sadzimy kroki action.

Sadzimy kroki was organized by the complex owner – Savills Investment Management and the property manager – MVGM. The action had two main goals – to activate employees and to plant a forest. It started on 6th September and lasted full 4 weeks till 3rd October. During this time the participants’ task was to form groups of 5 people and collect as many steps as possible. Each participant had to take a minimum of 5 500 steps per day for their scores to be counted, which was an additional challenge, especially for those working from home. Each 27 500 steps, the minimum daily value of one team, was converted into 2 m2 of forest.

More than 60 groups participating in the action took a total of 73 643 737 steps, which amounted to 5 356 m2 of future forest. Despite the superior goals of the action, the winning teams were not left without prizes. Three teams with the highest sum of steps received vouchers to Westfield Arkadia, and these were:

  1. Ananaski_cash_fillowe (Euronet) with 2 945 485 steps
  2. Zdroficiaki (Zdrofit) with 2 908 335 steps
  3. Prosecco Team (Aviva) with 2 315 416 steps.

Each winning team will have a possibility to delegate one team member to participate in the fall 2022 forest planting.

Fundacja Las Na Zawsze was chosen for a partner as it guarantees that the planted forests will indeed be “forever”, as the Foundation takes into account the planting of a diverse ecosystem tailored to the location, thus creating a true forest ecosystem (not only trees, but also shrubs, among other things). The land on which the GBC forest will be established is currently being sought.