People in the Spotlight | MIND

March, the month of mind is behind us.

26 May 2022

March was a month dedicated to the MIND at GBC. During this month we covered topics related to, among others:

the workplace – the impact of the environment on the mind,
art – its influence on the development of the mind and more,
reacting to current (and ongoing for 2 years) events – how to keep a calm mind in the face of pandemics and war,
relaxation and calming techniques.

Activities that took place in the complex:


Art, both when we create it and when we experience it, activates our minds and has a long-term effect on, among other things, cognitive abilities. For 4 weeks in March we had the opportunity to co-create an art installation – to cover white cubes with square stickers, which any willing person could fill in / colour in at any time and stick on the installation. In this way we observed how ordinary white cubes were transformed into a collective work of art.

The installation was accompanied by an exhibition of works by Paweł “Korab” Kowalski, which travelled around the buildings of the complex along with the art installation.

We also met with music, on 24-25 March, a vinyl record fair was held in Building D. The fair offered a wide range of products for music lovers, from new releases to hard-to-find copies of various music genres (rock / metal / punk / jazz / pop / electronic music / new age / classical music).