Take care of Baltic Sea with GBC x Ubrania do Oddania

People in the Spotlight | WATER

15 June 2022

As a part of next People in the Spotlight  aspect – WATER – we invite you to take part in textiles collection with Ubrania do Oddania

The amount of water used to produce new goods by the fashion industry is controversial. Increasingly, we are paying attention the origin of the clothes and the quality of their workmanship as well as the way we care for them – all of which have an impact on their durability. It is equally important not to throw away clothes that may still be useful for someone else. What we are bored with or what has been lying in our closet for a long time may get a second life at someone else’s place.

We invite you to look through your closets for items that can be recycled. For every kilogram of textiles donated to the GBC x Ubrania do Oddania collection, one zloty will be donate to support  Fundację MAREwhich for years has been protecting ecosystems in the waters of the Baltic Sea.  


The collection will last till 31st of August, during that time in all GBC lobbies there will be a container for donating unworn and clean textiles and accessories, but if it’s impossible for you to bring textiles to the complex there is an option to order a pick up from your home.

Details are available at dedicated website: www.ubraniadooddania.pl/gbc